Street Children Empowerment Organization (SCEO) is a young organization which has been set up to takeoff existing street children from the street and prevent the under privileged from entering the street by developing their potential for national development.

SCEO is a highly focused and committed charitable organization that shares with other stakeholders, development oriented ones in particular in preserving and protecting the rights and privileges of street children.

Through to the name ‘Street children Empowerment organization for developing Countries’ has a social vision which is genuine and transparent. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate within a short span of time speak about our dedication and truthfulness in serving street children and the less privilege as stated in our vision; …that all children are cared for 

spend their childhood in homes, educated and trained and contribute to nation building

We endeavor in a humble way to reach street children and the underprivileged to give them encouraging new lease of life. Through counseling, workshops training, education, health provision and advocacy, we strive to create lasting change in the lives of children and empower them to contribute to national development. My experience over the years has shown that if we limit our service and investment to just directly impact the child, the change will not be sustainable. For sustainability, we need to educate families and communities on the relevance of the need and effect of family life and their role in affecting in empowering street children; a gap that has been responsible for the increasing number of street children in developing countries. Our approach to street children empowerment is community-based and involves multiple programs.

It is disturbing to know how our Africa is so endowed with so many natural resources yet our children could live and work in the street, stand as a candidate for child slavery as well as tools and shield for war.

It is also very disturbing to know that families especially in the rural areas cannot afford to educate, provide basic health as and other basic needs for their children.

We have done extensive research on this and believe that this is solvable if only we can reason together and continue doing what is right, believing that children are the heart beats of God.

Join hands with us and let put a smile on the face of these children’s as we work towards building healthy minds, happy families and sustainable communities.

Together we can achieve an environment in developing countries free from street children.


Warm Regards,
Jonathan Joseph Kaitell