Our board of directors is a diverse and experienced team responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the organization. The board works closely with our Executive teams in every area we are presents.

Board of Directors

Jonathan Kaitell (Founder/ President)

Dennis Smythe Macaulay (Chairman)

Mrs. Hannah Williams – Taylor (Vice Chair)

Esther Janet Kaitell (Secretary/ Treasure)


Other Directors

Past. Frederick Coker

Mr. Jeffery Brown

Mr. Mohammed Barry Lawson


Executive Team

Our team of leadership is well diverse, experienced and knowledgeable in all that we do as well as the community we serve. Their deep understanding and passion for the children we serve is a valuable tool contributing to the organizational growth and management of SCEO.

Mr. Jonathan Kaitell (President/ Finance Director)

Mrs. Esther J. Kaitell (President/ HR Officer)

Mr. Yayah Bah (Regional Director)

Mrs. Fatmata T. Koroma ( Public Relation Officer)

Mr. Frederick Obu ( I.T. Manager)

Mr. Moses Taylor (Program Director)

Past. Ibrahim Sillar (Development Co-coordinator)