Health care crisis in developing countries

Supports healthcare, education, community action, and leadership development, primarily in developing countries so that we can prevent  and treat HIV, Malaria  gender-based violence, illness, and infant mortality.


Village Health Works delivers world-class, community-driven medical care and local development initiatives from what has rapidly become the premiere health facility in Gambia.

Heart rate

Providing clinical health care services is only part of the formula for giving economically disadvantaged children and families the opportunity to stay healthy.

We respond to Disasters Affecting Children

When a natural disaster or terror attack hits, families often need years to recover from the physical, environmental and economic damage it wreaks.

Here are examples of what your donation can provide.

Featured Areas you can help

Help prevent malaria

$25 one mosquito net to prevent malaria and follow-up medical supervision.

support medical training

$20 one month of training for a medical doctor in family medicine


$20 construction of a safe house and training center for women. 


Volunteer Opportunities

We provide opportunities for medical and other professionals who wish to travel to The Gambia to teach, learn and serve. Priority is given to volunteers who have specialized skills, speak French or English and who can stay for longer periods of time.

Join us in bringing hope and healing in Gambia and other developing countries!