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SCEO is more than just a scholarship program. We are committed to fostering economic and social progress in West Africa. Please join us in supporting our talented students as they navigate our education-to-employment program.

No matter how you give, you’re helping support a mission that transforms the lives of  Street Children  suffering, with no education, food and shelter.

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Why does SCEO fight poverty?

It’s simple: In the world’s poorest communities, Street Children bear the brunt of poverty. Fighting poverty in those communities requires focusing on Street Children to achieve equality.

In Developing Countries, girl child marriage has been practiced since ancient times where young children and teenagers are married off much before their physical and mental maturity. 

We need to think about funding over the long term, and not just to fill immediate gaps. We need to think about ways to prepare people and communities to cope with shocks and respond to emergencies themselves. We need to strengthen local institutions that can respond to people on the ground. And we need to find ways to address trends like climate change and conflict that make the situation worse.