No matter how dire the current situation in Gambia, or the obstacles we face in the future – there are always smiles on the faces of our children.  



  • We work in communities in developing countries.
  • We get children off the street and reintegrate them into homes. We organize counseling for families for proper reintegration of children. We organize workshops, training, seminars for volunteers, staff, families, communities and the children.
  • We prevent the less privilege children from entering the street by supporting them right from their homes.
  • We educate the children by taking them to schools and training institutions.
  • We do continuous follow-ups and monitoring of supporting children in the various institutions by liaising with heads of schools and teachers
  • We do community work on weekly basis of children in the street
  • We organize career counselling for children as well as families in need
  • We organize social and educational programs to expose the talents of these children.
  • We advocate for children to live a decent life.
  • We support community projects.