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Our able team in The Gambia who ensures the organization’s goals are accomplished

Who Are We

We are an organization that believes we can bring an end to street children in developing countries by preserving their rights and privileges

Re-integrate street children in to homes, provide counseling, health care, education, training programs and engage them in national development programs, the absences of which are the major causes of war, crime, famine and poverty in developing countries.

We use reliable, relevant and responsible means to lifting developing nations from self-created wars, crime, famine and poverty

We work with respective national authorities, development partner organization, schools, teachers, counselors, vulnerable families and street children to end the deprivation of children rights and privileges

Our Mission & Vision

We are a non- profit organization taking children out of the street and developing their potential for sustainable community and national development in developing countries


…that all children are cared for, stay healthy, spend their childhood in homes, educated and trained to contribute to nation development.

What We Do

We get street children from the streets, reintegrate them into homes as well as preventing the less privileged to enter the street.

We engage development partners, national authorities, corporation, individuals and other relevant stakeholders on children development agendas

We provide health facilities, rehabilitation programs as well as organizing other forms of workshop to train children.


We believe that children have right to health, education and training. We believe that healthy, educated and trained children will improve living standards and drive sustainable development in developing countries. We believe that the preservation of children’s right and privileges will end unwarranted wars, child trafficking, crimes, famine and poverty in developing countries.


We are governed reliable and responsible management accountable to highly dedicated board of directors.
We are accountable to donors, communities, development partners, vulnerable families, street children and national authorities in meeting our strategic goals.

Let’s provide healthy minds to better prepare street children for reliable, relevant and responsible education.

Let’s educate and train them for better sound minds and keep them away from wars, trafficking, crimes, famine and poverty

Let’s engage them through participation in national development programs for sustainable developments.           



Social justice: We believe in treating community justly.
Collaboration: We believe in working together with development partners and communities
Stewardship: Looking after children is our passion
Integrity: We uphold to strong moral principles in dealing with stakeholders
Accountability: Our activities are transparent and justifiable
Diversity: We equitably serve communities irrespective of colour, religion, race, tribe and gender
Commitment: We are committed to excellent service delivery
Excellence: Sustainable service excellence is our goal


Our board of directors is a diverse and experienced team responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the organization. The board works closely with our Executive teams in every area we are presents.
Board of Directors
Jonathan Kaitell (Founder/ President)
Dennis Smythe Macaulay (Chairman)
Mrs. Hannah Williams – Taylor (Vice Chair)
Esther Janet Kaitell (Secretary/ Treasurer)
Other Directors
Past. Frederick Coker
Mr. Jeffery Brown
Mr. Mohammed Barry Lawson

Our Background

Street Children Empowerment Organization for Developing Countries is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, contribution to which are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Information concerning Street Children Empowerment Organization including financial, licensing, or charitable purposes may be obtained without cost from its office: 2920 CHAPEL HILL RD APT 22B DURHUM. NC 27707, USA or KANIFING, MDI RD P.O.BOX 2947, SERREKUNDA, THE GAMBIA. This charity is founded by Jonathan, Janet and Esther Kaitell.
We exist to promote children empowerment in developing countries, serving as role models for strengthening and preserving the rights, privileges and capacities of children, the vulnerable ones in particular as a prelude to improving their living standards and participation in millennium development agendas of developing countries.
We are dedicated to work with children, families and their communities in developing countries to reduce street children and empower them to realized their full potential for national development.
We are hence involved in the mobilization of desired resources and the solicitation of cooperation and unity amongst members, development partners and other relevant stakeholders to support the goals of the organization.

Our 6-D process



Our strategy for the next decade is to ensure we define the life of street children to best of lives and also to ensure proper innovative measures to reintegrate children to families and unite more partners so that no child grows  



Over the last 4 years, Street Children Empowerment Organization for developing Countries has supported 2500 children through alternative care and family strengthening.


Transparency is a vital element in our federation culture. It allows us to learn from our work and from each other. It is a cornerstone of the trust our donors, partners and especially the children we work for place in us.



Street Children work with children, families, local communities, governments, donors and others to prevent family breakdown and to ensure the fulfilment of every child’s needs and right to family, protection, education and healthcare.



Frequently asked questions

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Annual Report

Why we are committed to care

Without caring and proactive parents, a child is more vulnerable to abuse, discrimination, exploitation and poverty. Research has even demonstrated that the lack of love, care and support of caregivers also impairs the development of a child’s brain.

Why choose us?

We ensure children are well taken care off so that they are able achieve their God given talents.

You can reach us anytime you call on us through our contact lines or through email.

We always ensure we achieve every goal we set.

Our team are really supportive to every task they assigned

We have the D-6 Process which compels us to work hard to be on top of the lather every time.

Our Professionals consults and apply the most efficient plans to achieve a common goal.

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You can start a project with us by contacting the following numbers of our offices in the USA and the Gambia