Empowering Children

We work towards taking Children off the street reintegrated back to their homes and develop their potential for sustainable development.
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We believe Children must be cared for, stay healthy, spend their childhood in homes and educated.

SCEO is a global organization working to reduce Street Children. We help Children  build better futures for themselves by reintegrating them back to their families, hold the powerful accountable, and save lives in disasters.

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We need to reshape the perception of how children are viewed. They have right to step up as children and take the lead in society.

17 July, 2020


Economic challenges often go hand-in-hand with deprivation. In many African communities, feelings of scarcity, lack of access to resources, and other socioeconomic factors can cause tension which intend force Children to go out on the street and seek for shelter which in the long leads them them to be prone to social vices. Our child protection teams work to keep children safe around the world regardless of who they are or where they are from.

29 June, 2020

Because of decades of insecurity and neglect, many African communities face the ongoing effects of poverty, displacement, and trauma. With many in this region already struggling to survive, these challenges can upsurge children to go on the streets which exploits fueling on violence and other life styles. We work with families and communities to promote positive social norms and behaviours to help prevent violence against children.

5 May, 2020

Sponsorship encompasses key programs specifically designed to address a child’s toughest issues in their fight against poverty. Getting and staying healthy, staying in school, finding a stable job. You can help a child overcome challenges they’d otherwise face you can help set them free. We focus on children at heightened risk, including girls who are forced into child marriages, or boys and girls who are forced into dangerous working conditions. When children experience trauma, we work to ensure they receive the care. 

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